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"... Rigo rode the bike again as if nothing had happened. He knew that to reach them he had to pedal very hard, not thinking if he had scraped or if he was bleeding. He looked behind his back and I didn’t see anyone. He felt the presence of his father and that strength became a deep concentration that allowed him to take rhythm and cadence until reaching the pointers..." With immense pride we allow ourselves to announce the publication of the book by Rigoberto Urán, entitled as we all fondly call it: "RIGO". Rigo, is one of the largest cyclists who has been able to know Urrao, Colombia and the whole world. This is a book full of stories and deep and intimate details of Rigo’s life not only as a cyclist or as a person but as a son, brother, boyfriend, husband, friend and entrepreneur. His memories lead us to explore his values that have given him the foundation and motivation to do what he does today. The book, in addition to immersing the reader in a deep and unknown account for the whole world of what his life has really been, contains a sinnumber from unpublished pieces that Rigo shares today with its readers and that will surely make anyone want to stop reading.

Technical file

  • Format: Book
  • Author: Andrés López López
  • Presentation: hardcover, paperback paperback body
  • Editorial: Latin Sports
  • Language: Spanish
  • Nº from pages: 364
  • ISBN: 9780578702896
  • Dimensions: 22 cm long, 15 centimeters wide, 2 cm high