Culotte Sin Costuras KM200 El Giro De Rigo Chicamocha

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Mijit@! Because you deserve it, we have developed our SEAMLESS KM200 PANTS, which has great advantages, made with the best quality Italian fabrics

Its creation in lycra with many fibers per square centimeter makes the fabric highly compressive without being too thick, which makes it adhere to the body, exerting a better aerodynamic grip, its internal edges of non-slip hypoallergenic silicone allow us to create a garment with very few seams that produces an effect of comfort and freshness. The compression of the fabric allows long rides with a lot of comfort


UV Sun Protection

Moisture Wicking Fabrics

Composition: 65% Polyester - 34% Elastane

80% stretch


Offers great anatomy, combined with adequate protection over the entire pelvic rotation area. From the construction with three-density foams, this chamois guarantees the cyclist's protection even over long distances. Like all Dolomiti products, the central area has been studied following specific anthropometric measurements; In this way, adequate protection and support for the female and male anatomy is guaranteed. It also has faster drying and greater comfort.

This pad has been designed to meet the demands of those who compete in marathons and Ultra cycling races. Characterized by a multidirectional curvature, which guarantees exceptional anatomical comfort and greater stability in the saddle, it has a wider central channel, which improves blood circulation and reduces numbness during long-distance races and training.


  • FABRIC: RED CARBON (Men's Pad) MICROPAD MITI (Women's Pad)
  • BADANA BASE: brushed fabric with 65 density foam + 3mm holes + white lycra lining
  • INTERNAL FOAM: combination of 120 density with 200 density + 65 density lining with 3mm holes

Badana developed for long distances

Composed of a thin base with a density of 65 Kg/m3 and a thickness of 3mm, it guarantees excellent freedom of movement, incredible elasticity and prevents abrasions due to excessive external edges. The base of the suede has 3mm perforations for better breathability.

The internal foam has a combination of 2 high-density foams 120 kg/m3 + 200 kg/m3, which guarantee excellent protection.

The 120 foam supports the 200 foam to stop the shocks and vibrations of the road, thus giving incomparable comfort.